• One million pixels of advertising space
  • $2 USD per cell (100 pixels)
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  • Pixels Available: 1,000,000
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Our objective is for this website to achieve as high a level of accessibility as we can make possible.

Key features implemented within this website include:

  • Links make sense when read out of context.
  • Images possess alternative text descriptions, accurately describing the image.
  • Cascading Style Sheets are used to control the layout and style of the website.
  • Pages may be sensibly displayed when Cascading Style Sheets are not enabled by the end user's system.
  • Relative font sizes may be used within the user's web browser to control the text size used within a web page. The general layout structure of the web page will be maintained.
  • All HTML forms comply with a logical tab sequence.
  • Labels are associated with elements within HTML forms to assist with selection of the elements.
  • A comprehensive sitemap provides a hierarchical structure of the whole website.

Targeted advertising

  • Pixel adverts filtered by category
  • Directory listed by category

Always current

  • Pixel adverts updatable
  • Descriptions updatable

Competitive pricing

  • Only $2 USD per cell for 2 years