• One million pixels of advertising space
  • $2 USD per cell (100 pixels)
  • Secure your piece of pixel real estate
  • Pixels Sold: 0
  • Pixels Available: 1,000,000
  • Page Hits: 250,045

Our Services

Advertisers wishing to join pickcells4pixels may submit their pixel advert through the website, selecting its size and position. On approval the advert will appear at the desired location on the grid. We provide a fully integrated online service, giving advertisers the ability to upload their advert images and website profiles and subsequently update their adverts whenever necessary through their accounts. Our service helps advertisers to keep their adverts up to date to reflect the current branding of their website.

This new wave of online advertising is gaining in popularity and effectiveness and is an affordable solution for generating traffic to your website. PickCells4Pixels offers its pixel advertising real estate for 2 year durations.

Targeted advertising

  • Pixel adverts filtered by category
  • Directory listed by category

Always current

  • Pixel adverts updatable
  • Descriptions updatable

Competitive pricing

  • Only $2 USD per cell for 2 years