• One million pixels of advertising space
  • $2 USD per cell (100 pixels)
  • Secure your piece of pixel real estate
  • Pixels Sold: 0
  • Pixels Available: 1,000,000
  • Page Hits: 250,041

What Is Pixel Advertising?

Pixel advertising is a new form of online advertising for promoting websites. All adverts are submitted to a pixel grid to form a huge mosaic of adverts. The grid is made up of one million pixels which is 100 cells wide by 100 cells high. The smallest dimension an advert can take is just one cell, consisting of 100 pixels. Adverts are rectangular or square in shape and their size is limited only by the number of available cells on the pixel grid. Pixel advertising offers great flexibility in terms of the dimensions and position of advertisements. The variety of advertisements that can appear on the pixel grid is huge. This can result in you finding many websites that satisfy what you are looking for or even stumbling across other websites that interest you. PickCells4Pixels provides a category filter to assist in searching for particular types of website.

Targeted advertising

  • Pixel adverts filtered by category
  • Directory listed by category

Always current

  • Pixel adverts updatable
  • Descriptions updatable

Competitive pricing

  • Only $2 USD per cell for 2 years