• One million pixels of advertising space
  • $2 USD per cell (100 pixels)
  • Secure your piece of pixel real estate
  • Pixels Sold: 0
  • Pixels Available: 1,000,000
  • Page Hits: 250,047

Advertiser FAQs

  • What are the benefits of buying pixel advertising space on PickCells4Pixels?
  • Your advertisement, link, and the profile of your website will remain on PickCells4Pixels for at least 2 years and potentially be viewed by millions of people in the future. This may bring great reward in terms of brand awareness and useful traffic being driven to your website. Your website will also benefit from increased "link popularity" which will ultimately increase its search engine ranking. Our category system for filtering pixel advertisements and our online account system for giving advertisers control of their adverts are key features of our pixel advertising solution.
  • What is the cost of the PickCells4Pixels pixel advertising service?
  • We are currently running an introductory offer of only $2 USD per cell, which will be available until 31 July 2006.
  • Can I include more than one block of pixel adverts on the PickCells4Pixels grid?
  • Yes, you can include as many pixel adverts as you like and at whichever available locations on the grid you like. Simply add your selections to your shopping basket and follow the checkout procedure.
  • Is there a size or shape restriction to the pixel advert image I upload?
  • The only size restriction is that the pixel advert must be a minimum of one cell (10 pixels x 10 pixels). The shape of the selected cells must be rectangular or square.
  • What image file-type may I upload?
  • We accept image uploads of type 'GIF', 'JPG' and 'PNG'.
  • What types of website may advertise on PickCells4Pixels?
  • There is no real restriction on the types of website that may advertise on PickCells4Pixels although there is a requirement that advertisements or linked websites should not be offensive or obscene to any party. PickCells4Pixels will decide whether applications satisfy the criteria for decency and will not engage in any further interaction if an application is declined. Funds will not be deducted if an application is declined.
  • What are the terms and conditions relating to the content of the image and text I upload for my pixel advert?
  • All images, text and linked websites must be in good taste and must not be explicit or offensive. Only applications that satisfy these requirements will be accepted.
  • When the duration of my pixel advert expires will I be able to renew my advert and keep my advert space?
  • You should receive an email reminder one month before your pixel advert expires informing you that you may renew your advert by logging in to your account on the website. If you do not renew your advert you will lose your pixel space which will become available for general purchase.
  • What do I need to provide when submitting an advert to PickCells4Pixels?
  • Firstly you need to have already registered with PickCells4Pixels and you will be emailed a password for logging in to the PickCells4Pixels website. The details you need when submitting a pixel advert to PickCells4Pixels are your pixel image; the number of cells in height and width you require; your website's name and URL address; an alternative text description of your image; a profile description of your website; the category of your website; and your payment details.
  • How do I submit my advert to PickCells4Pixels?
  • You need to log in to PickCells4Pixels and click on the 'Buy Pixels' link. Then click on the starting cell you require for your pixel image (this is the top left cell of the space you require). If this cell is available you will be directed to the shopping basket page where you may add a pixel advertisement to your basket. You then need to enter the number of cells you require in height and width for your advert and click on the 'Browse...' button to select your image from your computer. Then enter your website's name, URL address, image alternative text, website's profile description and category of website. You may then add your pixel advert to the shopping basket and continue shopping or checkout your order. You will then need your payment details to complete your order.
  • What payment types may I use?
  • We use PayPal to provide a trusted and secure payment service. Payments may be made online through a PayPal account or alternatively using any of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Switch, Solo, Visa Delta and Visa Electron payment cards.
  • How long does it take for my advertisement to be activated after submitting it?
  • We aim to process applications within 24 hours. You will be contacted be email as soon as your order has been processed.
  • How long will my advertisement remain on the PickCells4Pixels website?
  • We currently provide pixel advertising solutions for 2 year durations.
  • How do I update my advertisement?
  • You may update your advertisement by logging in to your account where you may manage any valid pixel advertisement in your account. Following any change to your advertisement you will need to wait for us to approve your change before the change will become visible on the PickCells4Pixels website. We aim to process changes to your pixel advertisements within 24 hours. Advertisers are given a credit of 5 updates for each pixel advert when their advert is initially accepted and this will last the 2 year duration of the advertisement.

Targeted advertising

  • Pixel adverts filtered by category
  • Directory listed by category

Always current

  • Pixel adverts updatable
  • Descriptions updatable

Competitive pricing

  • Only $2 USD per cell for 2 years