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Sitescore is an independent service which rates the design, popularity and accessibility of websites.

You may contribute to a visitor rating for PickCells4Pixels.


A test of the PickCells4Pixels website conducted on 22 October 2006 gave the following results:

Marketing (level of market awareness and popularity of the website)


Design (level of design quality and build of the website)


Accessibility (level of accessibility of the website, particularly to those with disabilities)


Experience (level of satisfaction from using the website)


Popularity on Google


"We took the top 3 phrases and searched for them in Google, along with your website/company name. The following matches were found:

Searched for: PickCells4Pixels - pixel advertising website promotion

Position: 1

Total Results: 141

Rating: Excellent"

Popularity ranking


"Your website is ranked 282,875 in the world. This is good and shows you have a website which is widely visited."



"Your website responded in 0.21 seconds, and your homepage downloaded in 0.27 seconds. This is very fast and suggests your website is running on a sufficiently powerful web server."

British legal requirements


All webpages were found to be fully compliant with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and therefore likely not in violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act. Pages make proper use of the latest XHTML standards. 



"The following 8 features were specifically identified:

  • About this website section
  • Contact details
  • Privacy policy
  • Website map
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • News
  • Login facility
  • Search facility

Generally, our analysis detected a very positive selection of text and features."

Use of Interactive Elements


"Your website does not appear to include any advert keywords in your source files and therefore displays correctly to the user with a spam blocker enabled."

Size of pages


"Webpages are small and should display quickly."

Targeted advertising

  • Pixel adverts filtered by category
  • Directory listed by category

Always current

  • Pixel adverts updatable
  • Descriptions updatable

Competitive pricing

  • Only $2 USD per cell for 2 years